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Daniele started his career as an apprentice painter in Italy at the age of 21.


Working closely with local artisans Daniele has over the years developed a passion for quality and sense of beauty. After becoming skilled, he gained experience in traditional and modern decorative plaster.In 2012, he migrated to Australia where he has continued to work in the industry.

In 2018, Daniele went to Italy to be trained directly from Novacolor which  is recognised internationally as the leader in design and creativity of decorative finishes.


Modern craftsman's vision is to create design environments thanks only to the distinctive features of color and textures. The spaces are enriched, the volumes open and interpret different personalities, all of them trendy: no more walls but works of art, furnishing accessories and valuable architectural structures.

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Novacolor Australia is one of the most trusted and sought-after names in Venetian plaster production, supply and distribution.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Italy, ensuring that each and every item that carries the Novacolor logo meets the same high standards of quality control, aesthetic appeal and durability.

Whether it’s for a residential renovation or major commercial redevelopment, when you’re in need of Venetian plaster in Australia Novacolor is the company you want to work with. Luckily for you, we use it.


Microcement is a multilayer mineral system that creates continuous and seamless coatings on horizontal and vertical surfaces, according to the latest trends of high-quality architecture for civil uses.


The decorative covering of the present, but above all of the future, Microcement's many advantages over other materials make it ideal for creating all kinds of spaces and styles. 

Metal coatings recently have become part of the modern day in interior design whether it be for kitchens, living rooms, and even for bedrooms.

Although still being used widely in the building industry as building frames and wall and ceiling cladding, the decorative side of metals starts to take the centre stage. Metals, especially bespoke metal coatings, are increasingly being used by architects to make a solid statement to their design.

With its subtly textured, lustrous finish, Venetian plaster epitomises timeless elegance. As a lime-based product, it celebrates the organic beauty of polished natural stone, transforming walls and ceilings into handcrafted works of art.


This centuries-old veneering technique dates back to Roman times and was used extensively in Venice during the Renaissance period. As more modern artisans become skilled in this ancient craft, the unique decorative properties of Venetian plaster are enjoying renewed popularity.

Home is much more than just a space. Every house has its own life and memory, made up of the interactions among people who live and frequent it. Modern interior design aims to offer solutions for experiencing the interiors with greater awareness, enhancing existing homes as a result of collective architecture.

It is from this desire that the lines dedicated to concrete effects came about: a wide range of concrete-effect plasters, coatings and paints.

With Novacolor's range products is possible to achieve many surfaces design.


With the logo inset, it is possible to transform any wall, benchtop, or other surface into a professional sleek, branded piece of art. 



Amazing results. Had a bespoke plaster & paint ceiling work done by Daniele and I cannot be happier with the result. A stunning center piece for the room.

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Are you an Architect, Interior designer or builder?


Here at Modern Crafts Man, we pride ourselves in bespoke, custom finishes to compliment any design or decor.


Using historical raw materials, lime and clay, combined with latest technology we create stunning effects in finishes of the highest quality.

Request your FREE sample box NOW!


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Decorizer by Novacolor, a new app dedicated to applicators, professionals and lovers of color.


Create your list of Novacolor colors, insert the finishes that are closer to your preferences and needs; apply the textures to the available augmented reality pictures, categorized by “mood” (classic, modern and contemporary), or to a photo of your own personal room.

You can choose the finishes from the Decorative textures and/or from our flat paint color swatch for inside or outside use. Select a tint from an image in the Gallery or take a picture with the Camera of your mobile device, using Color-Picker or the NOVACUBE.

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