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Novacolor's Metallic

Novacolor's metallic finishes were created over 20 years ago and amount to true technological and aesthetic innovation on the national and international market: precious metallic appearances and seductive light-plays alternate with tactile effects reminiscent of precious silks. 
Novacolor's decorative finishes have roots in one of Italy's many trades of excellence: the art of manufacturing made up of hand-woven brocades and precious fabrics. Novacolor's metallic finishes are exclusive metallic-effect paints that evoke a world of ancient flavours, a journey through blacksmiths' workshops and leather tanneries typical of Italy, as well as the old and fascinating silk-making factories. 
Opulent reflections, precious textures, avant-garde design: the Metallics finishes are still the flagship of the Novacolor brand thanks to the rate of continuous innovation and their green formulation, based on biomass, a process certified by RedCert2.

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