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With a passionate belief that great design can enhance lives and make a difference to those that use and engage with it, the Modern Craftsman process involves examining each project’s context in order to come up with solutions that feel appropriate to the situation at hand. Founded in 2018 in Perth, Modern craftsman has established a reputation for delivering high-impact projects, often producing innovative designs always using top quality, Made in Italy products.


Working with a diverse range of clients including architects,interior designers,residential builders and commercial developers, Modern craftsman has been highly recognised for his great work.

Novacolor Daniele Dalbosco Modern Craftsman Perth WA
Novacolor Daniele Dalbosco Modern Craftsman Perth WA


Born in Italy, just round the corner from  Milan, internationally recognised as one of the world's most important architecture, design and fashion capitals. 

Daniele started  his career as an apprentice painter in Italy at the age of 21.

Working closely with local artisans Daniele has over the years developed a passion for quality and sense of beauty. After becoming skilled, he gained experience in traditional and modern decorative plaster.In 2012, he migrated to Australia where he has continued to work in the industry.

In 2018, Daniele went to Italy to be trained directly from Novacolor which  is recognised internationally as the leader in design and creativity of decorative finishes.

Today he dedicates himself to convey this passion in everyday life with his business in Perth. Starting his business Modern Craftsman and working along with Architects and Interior Designers, he aims to contribute to the high end Australian market values, elegance, warmth and attention to detail typical of the Made in Italy.

MODERN CRAFTSMAN is a small interior painting and decoration business with a focus on "classics" Italian decorative techniques including:

  • Venetian stucco

  • Marmorino

  • Stencil works

  • Pietra spaccata


And more modern and sophisticated effects, including:


  • Concrete effects.

  • Metal coatings (aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and iron)

  • Microcement