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A Taste Of Italian History

With its subtly textured, lustrous finish, Venetian plaster epitomises timeless elegance. As a lime-based product, it celebrates the organic beauty of polished natural stone, transforming walls and ceilings into handcrafted works of art. This centuries-old veneering technique dates back to Roman times, and was used extensively in Venice during the Renaissance period. As more modern artisans become skilled in this ancient craft, the unique decorative properties of Venetian plaster are enjoying renewed popularity.

Today, ‘Venetian plaster’ describes many forms of decorative or polished plaster. Specialist plasterers sometimes use other terms, including:


  • Venetian stucco

  • Marmorino

  • Tadelakt – Moroccan-style lime plaster that doesn’t contain ground marble

  • Travertino

  • Tonachino

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