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Novacolor Archi+Concrete Iron  Modern Craftsman WA


The Industrial Look For Any Environment

A city is much more than just a space. Every town or city has its own life and memory, made up of the interactions among people who live and frequent it.Novacolor aims to offer solutions for experiencing the city with greater awareness, enhancing urban planning as a result of a collective architecture.
It is from this desire that the lines dedicated to concrete effects came about: a wide range of concrete-effect plasters, coatings and paints available both in powder with fine and coarse grain, and in the acrylic-siloxane paste version.


So far we have seen quite a few polarising design trends. We’ve already seen the wallpaper, painted feature walls, but now, it’s time to talk about a trend on the other end of the aesthetic spectrum. The concrete look is here and it’s ready to bring a subtle yet sophisticated edge to your interiors.

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