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Novacolor Calcecruda  Modern Craftsman WA


The Novacolor Texture

The Novacolor textures tell a story that takes us back to past times and different regional identities. Historical raw materials, lime and clay, combined with brand-new technologies go together to re-interpret traditional items. 

Italy's cultural heritage finds its maximum expression in Novacolor's attention to detail, which is expressed in mineral finishes of the highest quality, ideal for decorating modern or classic interiors but also for protecting historic exteriors where mineral plaster and marmorini represent the skin that ensures lasting durability to the work. Technology and tradition, a perfect combination that finds its maximum expression in Novacolor's range of mineral finishes. 

Every product is the result of a sharing: the end customers, architects and designers, and decorators are all involved in the creative process, to give life to personally-created products that show the best face of Italian quality and style.

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