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Time is at the heart of all the products in the Oxidation line, finishes that reproduce the natural oxidation cycle that the normal passage of time suggests. 

Textures that reproduce the oxidation of copper, and rust effects that transform items and walls into unique works of art.



IRONic is a water-based system consisting of a base coat (IRONic Fondo) and an oxidative finish (IRONic Liquido Antichizzante).


The application of IRONic Liquido Antichizzante on IRONic Fondo produces an oxidative effect exactly alike the effect of an iron surface exposed to atmospheric agents' natural corrosion. The surfaces decorated with IRONic are dynamic and the aesthetic can change over time.


IRONic draws the line between tradition and innovation. With its decorative system based on polymers it is possible to achieve different oxidation effects, taking into account the clients requests.



Decorative coating with green-copper oxidation effect, for interiors and exteriors.Verderame_Wall Painting is a system consisting of a base coat, Verderame_WP Fondo, and an oxidative finish, Verderame_WP Liquido Antichizzante.


The oxidation produced is similar to the effect of a green copper surface naturally exposed to atmospheric agents.

Metallo Fuso


Metallo_Fuso is a decorative coating for interior vertical surfaces, made from selected metal alloy powders, bi-component epoxy resin compounds, fillers and special rheological additives to guarantee excellent workability.

The application of Metallo_Fuso allows unique textures to be achieved, originally and exclusively enhancing the surfaces treated, transforming them into real metal.

Metallo_Fuso is available in Tin, Copper, Brass, Bronze versions.

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